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Restricted Access for the Purposes of European Law

Save as set out in the following paragraph, the website and the products to which it relates may only be communicated to, and is only directed at persons who would be classified as professional clients and eligible counterparties under MiFID and who are, (i) persons who are inside the European Union, (ii) persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments, (iii) persons including high net worth companies and unincorporated associations, and (iv) persons to whom the communication may otherwise be lawfully made (together, "relevant persons"). Please note that this website is not intended for, and must not be accessed by, investors who would be classified as retail clients under MiFID. If you are in any doubt as to whether you would be deemed to be a 'professional client' or 'eligible counterparty', please seek professional advice and refrain from accessing the website until such advice has been obtained.

The information included on this site is communicated by Loomis Sayles (Netherlands) B.V. (‘LSNL’) (which is authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Dutch: Autoriteit Financiële Markten, “AFM”)). LSNL’s registered office is at Stadsplateau 7, Utrecht, 3521 AZ, Netherlands. LSNL has exercised its rights under its MiFID passport to provide certain services on a cross border basis into each relevant EEA country. Any reproduction, disclosure or dissemination of these materials on this website by the user is prohibited, unless it is in accordance with the terms of website use herein.

Some of the information on this website may contain projections or other forward looking statements regarding future events or future financial performance of countries, markets or companies. These statements are only predictions, opinions or estimates made on a general basis and actual events or results may differ materially.

All investment strategies, products and services referred to on this website are subject to change without notice. No information, whether oral or written, obtained by the user through or from this site or from any conversation with LSNL staff or a professional consultant will have the effect of varying this Legal and Regulatory Information. Certain products and services mentioned on this website may not be eligible for sale in some countries and may not be suitable for all types of investor. As such, access to certain information on this website may be restricted. The website is designed for investors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the financial markets and investment products of this nature. You should not use this website unless you understand its nature and exposure to risk. You should also be satisfied that the products and services mentioned on this website are suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial position.

This website (and the information contained therein) does not constitute either an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities nor is it a recommendation for any security or fund mentioned herein. The information contained on this website is not aimed at the residents of any particular country and is not directed at or intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any jurisdiction or country where such use or distribution would be contrary to any applicable local law or regulation or would subject LSNL to any registration or licensing requirement in such jurisdiction where LSNL is not so registered or licensed. It is the user’s responsibility to inform themselves of any applicable legal and regulatory restrictions and to ensure that their access and use of this information does not contravene any such restrictions and to observe all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

Professional advice should be sought in cases of doubt, as any failure to do so may constitute a breach of the securities laws in any such jurisdiction. Potential investors should read the terms and conditions in the relevant offering materials carefully before any investment is made. Investors should be aware that this website may not provide all the information which is necessary or desirable to make such a decision and should undertake their own due diligence. The contents of this website have been approved by LSNL and is only to be accessed and viewed by (and the investment opportunities described in it are only available to) limited categories of persons in the European Union (“EU”). It is your responsibility to be aware of the applicable laws and regulations of your country of residence. LSNL will not regard any person who accesses this website as its client in relation to any of the investment products or services detailed in the website, unless expressly agreed. LSNL will not be responsible to any person for providing them the same protections as are offered to its clients.

Terms of Website Use

Users of the website are only permitted to save, print, analyse and copy (in part) the data and information contained on the website for their own personal use. The dissemination, publication, transmission, reproduction or delivery to third parties in whatever form is prohibited without the written permission of LSNL. Users of the website are expressly not granted licensing rights or rights of use (other than those described above for own personal use). LSNL retains all rights (including all registered proprietary rights as well as rights to all non-registered brands, copyrights, texts, graphic material and logos) relating to the information and services presented on the website.

The website focuses on users in the Netherlands. Persons outside the Netherlands who wish to access the website or wish to use the information on the website are required to check for themselves whether the information is suitable for their purposes, and the extent to which access to and use of the website and affiliated services are permitted. LSNL cannot guarantee that the provided information is suitable for use from or within other countries.

Exclusion of Liability

LSNL gives no guarantees concerning the availability, access to and use of the website. In spite of all due care being taken by LSNL, LSNL cannot guarantee that the information and data on the site are up-to-date, correct and exhaustive. Access to and use of the website, as well as the use of the information contained on the website, is completely at the user’s own risk.

LSNL explicitly rejects any liability for any damage caused by or related to the use of the information as published on the website. LSNL will make every effort to keep the information as up-to-date as possible. If you would like to obtain up-to-date information or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact LSNL.

LSNL does not accept liability for any damage, costs, compensation or loss of income which may arise directly or indirectly from the website being available to the user or the use of the website by the user or third parties, or which may arise from access to other websites via the website. This exclusion from liability also extends to the management and employees of LSNL.

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Remuneration Policy

This Remuneration Policy has been prepared in a manner that is consistent with and appropriate to the nature, scope and complexity of LSNL activities and its size and internal structure. LSNL adopted the Remuneration Policy and applies to all persons working under the responsibility of LSNL.

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